A Professional Connection to Apartments in Athens Ohio

If you're looking for the best apartments Athens Ohio has to offer, you've come to the right place. You can pretty much count on the good ones to be already rented before the realty ads hit the newspapers. In the student market for housing, rentals go fast, most found through word of mouth. The good units renting in June already have their leases signed before the end of Ohio University's fall quarter. If you want to find the perfect place instead of a roach infested dump, you pretty much have to know somebody, or better yet, work with a professional realty agency to find the best Athens Ohio student rentals.


Athens Housing Made Easy

When you work with a professional rental company, they can give you the pick of apartments available, including those that haven't hit the newspapers yet. It's like having an inside connection on the realty market. You get your pick of the best housing near Ohio University. Want an apartment on Court Street? Due to hot demand, those are usually rented in a flash. Ohio Realty rents uptown rentals in Athens Ohio. It's a great place to live, but without the inside advantage of a great broker, you can get stuck in substandard housing. Contact a realty agent, and you have an inside connection. Athens has limited housing and high demand. You'll need all the help you can get if you want the best available rentals in Athens, Ohio.


Avoid the Student Housing Mill

Ohio University students are often focused on how close to the bars and the nightlife they'll be when it comes to considering student housing. The more studious bunch may even want to know that they're within walking distance of campus. And if these things interest you, we can help. But we also offer a selection of rentals that is unlike the typical, half a dozen bedrooms crammed into a tiny space, apartment often found in the area. We cater to the long term visitors to the area who may be in town on an extended business trip. We even offer executive rentals.


Rent While You Shop for Homes

If you're moving yourself and your family to the Athens area so you can start a new job, first of all, congratulations. We're confident you'll love the small town vibe of the town as well as all the cultural and entertainment events attracted to Athens by the university. You get both the benefits of small town living and access to activities usually only enjoyed by metropolitan residents (but without the traffic jams). When you lease one of our rentals in Southeast Ohio, you get to enjoy living in the area, perhaps while you search for a more permanent home for you and your family.