Frequently Asked Real Estate Questions:

Can an Ohio Realty Agent show any property?

We can show you any property regardless of listing agency and for sale by owners.

How long does it take to buy a house?

The average time period is 30-45 days depending on the seller's position.

Do I qualify for the $8000 tax credit?

In order to take advantage of this credit, you must use this home for your primary residence, have not owned a home in the last 3 years, and have an income not exceeding $75,000 a year for ((single)) filers or $150,000 a year for joint filers. Please seek advice from a tax professional.

Why should I use an Ohio Realty Agent when selling?

We will assist you in properly pricing your home by doing a comparative market analysis. This we will make suggestions for signing your home, which assures you that your home is making a professional and attractive presentation of it's best qualities.

Finally we will extensively market your home utilizing our vast Internet presence, printed advertisement, open houses, and most importantly our network of buyers!

Why utilize an Ohio Realty Agent when Making a real estate investment?

Negotiations must be handles professionally, promptly, and from a position of strength. We will assist you in placing yourself in a position of STRENGTH!